CHANCE is the first feature film to come from Emmy nominated marketing and film production agency BIZZAY.

It is available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Red, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play and others.

Chance was shot over a period of 7 days by four college students, and edited over 6 months while they were all in school. Details such as the ending had not been written at the time of production, and the budget was finally raised only 2 weeks before shoot day 1.


The film required grueling hours, with the production crew often staying up all night to work on it before attending their days jobs in the morning. Watch the documentary Taking A Chance to see how the process formed the film.


Chance follows a homeless man, Chance, after he reunites with an old high school friend, Manny. After finding Chance on the streets of Anchorage, Manny decides to help Chance get his life back together and pursue his dream of being an actor. Despite Manny’s help, Chance has a hard time changing some of his old habits.

As a film, Chance deals heavily with the issues of alcoholism and homelessness. These issues are present in Anchorage, and Alaska as a whole. We at BIZZAY hope that this film will have a positive effect on the community around us. In order to help foster change, BIZZAY is donating a large percentage of profits from distribution of the film to local charities.

Pre-production on Chance started in September 2016, and production took place from January 7 – 14, 2017, in Anchorage, Alaska. The film premiered to a limited audience on June 30 for a press screening, and had a highly successful press run in the months after.

Following this, the film had a short festival run, before becoming available for streaming.

A deal has been reached with LA based distribution company Indie Rights, for the film to be available on several different streaming sites.


Executive Producers: Eissej Films & Upper One Studios & Zayn Roohi

Directed By: Norberto De Jesús Jr & Zayn Roohi
Director of Photography: Zayn Roohi & Traejen Scott
Casting Director: Sebastian Baquero
Primary Boom Operator: Tom Karpow
Drone Operator: Dan Bellerive
Secondary Set Designer: Corina Trupp
Production Manager: Zayn Roohi
Production Assistant: Arslan Malik & Brandon Rotkis
Title Credit: Tia Shira
Secondary Boom Operator: Brandon Rotkis, Norberto De Jesús Jr, Sebastian Baquero & Dax Cvancara
Camera Operators & BTS Filmmakers: Zayn Roohi, Traejen Scott, Ashton Hurlburt, Arslan Malik (BTS), Brandon Rotkis (BTS)
Director of Editing: Zayn Roohi
Visual Effects: Zayn Roohi
Color Correction Artist: Zayn Roohi
Soundtrack: Norberto De Jesús Jr
Additional Music: Connor Larson & Jamal Reed
Sound Design: Zayn Roohi
Audio Technician: Zayn Roohi
Secondary Hair and Makeup: Tia Shira & Kenzie Jeppson
Web Design: Zayn Roohi

Secondary Executive Producers:
Christian Marcale
Jessie Wei
Nelson Maurice
Robert London
Shahrokh Roohi
Nicole Roohi

Social Media Promoters:
Kirstin Trout
Ieva Mikalauskas
Rachel Rotola
Shaquira Williams
Elliott Amato
MacKenzie Fox

Special Thanks:
Dondee’s Laundromat
Chevron Gas Station
12100 Coffee & Community
The Heil Family
The Roohi Family
Great Clips
Men’s Warehouse
Connor Booth


Chance: Tristan Heil
Manny: Sebastian Baquero
Mila: Corina Garrison
Veronica: Jessica Quintero
Rachel: Jessie Wei
Uncle Louis: George Faust
Robbie: Tom Karpow
Singer: Connor Larson
Judge 1: Troy Fullmer
Judge 2: Kevin Lee
Rachel’s Receptionist: Grace Anderson
Sex Addict Counselor: Ryan Horn
Talent Coordinator: Eman Fustok
Janitor: Tom Karpow
Chance’s Mother: Grace Anderson
Chance’s Father: Alex Beaudreault
Mike: Troy Fullmer
Real Estate Mogul: Alex Beaudreault
Photographer: Marc Marmetto

Rachel Rotola
Elliott Amato
Ryan Toney
Alexis Tisega
Brenden Dvorak
Dax Cvancara
Dembry Mebane
Jade Devon
Ieva Mikalauskas
Daniel Schliesing
Christian Marcale
Ashley Benton
Robert Canales
Connor Booth

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